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XAi Features

Experience Fast and Secure Transactions with XAiToken

Social Networking

Connect and engage with friends and family


Shop with ease and convenience on platform


Experience seamless communication with contacts

Payments with XAiToken

Transact with ease and security using XAiToken


Ai Powered
Social Networking

Connect and engage with friends, family, and new contacts through XAi's innovative social networking platform, powered by AI. Discover personalized content, join communities, and support social causes in a way that's intuitive and fun.

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Ai Powered

Shop with ease and convenience on XAi's ecommerce platform. With Ai Powered product recommendations, real-time inventory updates, and secure payment processing through XAiToken, you can purchase the products you love, anytime, anywhere.

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Ai Powered

Experience seamless communication with your contacts through XAi's messaging platform, powered by AI. Connect with anyone, anywhere, and send and receive payments instantly through XAiToken. Enjoy encrypted messaging and enhanced security features for ultimate privacy.

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Ai Powered
Payments with XAiToken

Transact with ease and security using XAiToken, the native cryptocurrency of XAi. Enjoy fast, low-cost, and borderless payments for goods and services, donations, and more. With XAiToken, you'll have complete control over your money and be part of a revolutionary payment ecosystem.

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X Your World with XAiToken

Blockchain Integration

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Integration and BEP-20 Token Standard Implementation for XAiToken

Ai Powered Features

Integration of AI Technology for Personalized Content, Chat, and Fraud Prevention

Security and Encryption

Use of Advanced Encryption Protocols, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Anti-Phishing Measures

Backend Infrastructure

Use of Cloud-Based Infrastructure, Robust Data Storage and Backup Solutions, and API Endpoints for Communication

Token Information

Such as the token's name, symbol, contract address, total supply, circulating supply and other relevant metrics.

Token Name:


Token Symbol:


Total Supply:

1 Billion




Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


2% Buy/Sell

Token Distribution








Exchange Listing







Meet Our Partners

XAi Roadmap

  • Idea conception and initial research
  • Determine the viability of the project
  • Develop a rough project plan
  • Assemble a team of experienced professionals in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and app development
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of each team member
  • Determine the budget and resources needed for the project
  • Create the XAiToken website and publish the whitepaper
  • Develop a comprehensive tokenomics plan for XAiToken
  • Create a smart contract for XAiToken and conduct a security audit
  • Launch the XAiToken project on the PinkSale platform for initial fundraising and community building
Phase 1
Core Development
  • Develop the XAiToken smart contract
  • Test the smart contract and ensure its security and functionality
  • Develop the core features of the XAi mobile app, including social networking, e-commerce, messaging, and payments through XAiToken
  • Design the UX/UI of the XAi mobile app
  • Conduct user testing and optimize the app for maximum usability and performance
  • Integrate the decentralized exchange (DEX) into the XAi mobile app
  • Develop the XAi mobile app for Android and iOS devices
  • Make the core features of the XAi mobile app live
  • Launch the centralized exchange (CEX) where XAiToken can be traded with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies
Phase 2
Expansion and Growth
  • Continue to develop and integrate new Ai Powered features into the XAi mobile app
  • Listen to customer feedback and add new features based on user needs and requests
  • Prepare for the launch of the second version of the XAi all-in-one mobile app
  • Develop partnerships with other companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space to expand the XAi ecosystem
  • Conduct marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and adoption of XAiToken
  • Expand the XAiToken community through social media, forums, and events
  • Collaborate with influencers and content creators to promote XAiToken and the XAi mobile app
Phase 3
Scaling and Sustainability
  • Scale the XAiToken ecosystem to support more users and transactions
  • Optimize the XAi mobile app for performance and security
  • Develop new use cases for XAiToken, such as micropayments and remittances
  • Expand the XAiToken community to new regions and markets
  • Develop strategic partnerships with mainstream businesses and financial institutions to increase the adoption of XAiToken and the XAi mobile app
  • Foster a strong developer community to create new apps and services on top of the XAi ecosystem
  • Maintain and update the XAiToken smart contract to ensure its security and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Phase 4


Overview of the service, including its features, benefits, and how it works.

What is XAi?

XAi is an all-in-one mobile app that combines social networking, e-commerce, messaging, and payments powered by blockchain and AI technologies.

What is XAiToken?

XAiToken is the native cryptocurrency of the XAi ecosystem, which users can use for social networking, e-commerce, messaging, and payments within the XAi app.

How can I get XAiToken?

You can obtain XAiToken by purchasing it on a cryptocurrency exchange or participating in the XAiToken initial offering through the PinkSale platform.

What is the total supply of XAiToken?

The total supply of XAiToken is 1 billion.

What is the tokenomics plan for XAiToken?

The tokenomics plan for XAiToken includes incentives for long-term holders, rewards for users who contribute to the XAi ecosystem, and burning mechanisms to reduce the total supply of XAiToken over time.

What blockchain is XAiToken based on?

XAiToken is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which allows for fast and inexpensive transactions.

How is XAi app different from other social media and e-commerce apps?

XAi app is different because it is powered by AI technology, which enables personalized content and product recommendations, advanced chat features, and fraud detection and prevention.

Is the XAi app secure?

Yes, the XAi app is designed with advanced security measures, including encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and anti-phishing measures, to protect user data and transactions.

How can I contact the XAi team?

You can contact the XAi team through the XAiToken website or social media channels, or by emailing the XAi support team.

What are the future plans for the XAi ecosystem?

The XAi team is committed to ongoing development and innovation, including the integration of new Ai Powered features, expansion into new markets, and strategic partnerships with other companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

How can I become a part of the XAi community?

You can become a part of the XAi community by following XAiToken on social media, participating in XAiToken events and initiatives, and contributing to the XAi ecosystem through feedback and suggestions.

The Invention of XAi

In an era dominated by digital transformation, visionaries like Elon Musk have inspired countless innovators to explore new frontiers in technology. It was at a cutting-edge tech summit, where the latest breakthroughs in AI and cryptocurrency were showcased, that four like-minded individuals, all admirers of Musk's accomplishments, connected and began discussing the future of digital integration.